Luminar Tracing

Les professionnel·le·s

Paul Donner - Artiste

Fynn Fenton - Artiste

Lucas Hoge - Artiste

Four Views on Wagenfeld

Mapping sur objet

Started in Uni for our Bachelor project, Fynn Fenton, Paul Donner and Lucas Hoge developed the AV-Installation „Four Views on Wagenfeld“. Our professor Andreas Teufel offered this course in colaboration with the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in Bremen under the alias „Wa- genfeld A-Z“ which is named after an exhibition in the archives that is running until 25.02.2024. On november 18-19th 2023 we we got invited to showcase the installation during the 30th anniversary of the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Foundation at their headquarters in Bremen.

The video Content was created in Blender and After Effects which we compiled and mapped to the socket/wall in Madmapper. To trigger the WG-24 lamp on the socket we are using
a Dmx interface and standard 4-Channel Dimmerpack. Ableton Live then acts as the Master clock & sequence trigger as well as the Media- player for the Audio track.

For the soundtrack and sound design for „Luminar Tracing“, we came up with the idea to get create all the Layers with samples, collected from exhibits in the Wilhelm Wagenfeld House itself. We were able to walk thru the entire Museum and its archives without visitors to sample lamp shades, butter cases, and numerous kitchen items. In the end we ended up with over 120 recordings which I later on edited in Ableton Live.
The production is entirely made from these sounds except of the bassline lead and the mid 1/16 sequence which come from an ARP 2600 and a DX7 emulation.

Since the exhibition of Wagenfeld A-Z is built in a more classic and static way, we wanted the to excite the visitors of Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus further beyond the boundries of exponates in display cases and let them experience the Bauhaus lamp by Designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld in a new dynamic and immersive way. We tried to inspire them with the underlaying design language and to create a unique atmosphere incorporating the sounds of the Design products of Wilhelm Wagenfeld.


Conception: Fynn Fenton, Paul Donner, Lucas Hoge
Animation: Fynn Fenton, Paul Donner, Lucas Hoge
Sound Design: Lucas Hoge

LUMINAR TRACING - FOUR VIEWS ON WAGENFELD @Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus 2023 from Luminar Tracing on Vimeo.