Henry Lemoine

Mapping immersif, réalisé en intérieur ou en extérieur - Linéaire

Evening at the Atelier des Lumières for the anniversary of Henry Lemoine

Client : Editions Henry Lemoine
Capture : Baptiste Fauchille
Place : Atelier des Lumières, Culturespaces group

In honor of the bicentenary of the Henry Lemoine editions, realized at the Atelier des Lumières, our team created an immersive experience thanks to a 360° projection mapping splitting the space of the studio into three distinct worlds.
Each of these dimensions revealed a slice of the company's history, taking our guests on a journey that is both musical and historical.

This project, crowned by the prestigious FWA Of The Day on January 5, 2023, captivated the essence of this French company, erecting a bridge between the past and the present for this celebration.