One of the purposes of the Video Mapping European Center is to provide this resource portal with as much content as possible on video mapping, a discipline that has been little documented so far. We are thus proposing a permanent call for texts, in order to feed the resource portal.

The tackled themes are, amongst others:

  • The history of video mapping
  • Writing: narrative, interactive, immersive ...
  • The uses of video mapping in non-artistic fields: mediation tool, heritage enhancement tool, territory attractiveness, marketing tool, industrial use, in the health sector, etc.
  • Case study of singular artwork
  • The use of sound and music in video mapping
  • The economy of video mapping: structuring of companies, jobs, training, business models, markets...
  • Video mapping technologies, software, servers, video projectors...
  • Mapping and institutions: the problem of non-recognition of video mapping (no support for creation, no recognition as an art form by many institutions) and its repercussions on the development of creation and innovation.

Call for texts

Designing Music for Projection Mapping using an emotional arc: Telling the story musically first
An article by George Berlin, Director of George Berlin Studios