A history of video mapping in France

This resource portal aims to remedy the lack of information and resources on video mapping. 

One of our contributions is this research text, shedding light on the history of French video mapping. We have chosen to limit the research to France in an arbitrary manner, but we know that the evolution of this audiovisual form has been done in interaction with artists, events or tools that have largely crossed borders. Elsewhere in the world, creation has also been flourishing, and will deserve other texts.

These resources on the History of French Mapping were written by Lucie Garçon, an academic specialist in cinema. You will find on this portal the 19 chapters of this work, as well as some portraits of French artists and producers. It should be noted that this list of artists and producers is far from exhaustive and that it is likely to be completed.

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Une histoire du video mapping français


  1. What is video mapping?
  2. Video mapping : what is it not?
  3. Words and dates
  4. Video mapping : when did it start and where ?
  5. What are the circumstances in which video mapping appears? Part.1
  6. What are the circumstances in which video mapping appears? Part.2
  7. The prehistory of video mapping
  8. Vjing
  9. Large-scale projection
  10. Large-scale projection around the year 2000
  11. Contemporary arts: the advent of the projector
  12. Site-specific arts: times and places
  13. Hans-Walter Müller: Volux and Topoprojections
  14. 2003: 3minutes² by Electronic Shadow
  15. The history of video mapping computer tools
  16. The history of video mapping computer tools. Part.2
  17. A history of institutionalisation…
  18. Yet another art form?
  19. Video mapping: a narrative
  20. Notes on artists